Contextual Statement


After my MA in Education Studies on language teaching and blended learning, I taught French in the UK for five years, progressing from assistant to Head of Department in my first place of work, and being involved in the selection and implementation of a basic VLE in my second job in a reputable French language centre. These five years provided me with a solid experience in pedagogy, with the added benefit of experiencing teaching, learning and assessment from the design, delivery and support perspective.

In 2015 I joined the Learning Technology and Innovation (LTI) team at the LSE as an Assistant Learning Technologist and worked there until June 2018

On a day to day basis I supported academic and professional services staff in the use of learning technologies such as the VLE (Moodle) as well as collaboration, content creation and social media tools.

I coordinated the team’s Learning and Development programme which I redesigned, and my tasks ranged from scheduling and delivering sessions, organising masterclasses and talks with subject matter experts from the learning technology and academic development community and assessing quality.

I also coordinated the team’s grant scheme. As part of this responsibility, I promoted the call each year, liaised with potential applicants, met them to discuss their project ideas, allocated Senior Learning Technologists to support them, organised the Committee’s review meeting and administered the successful projects (including evaluation and dissemination). I also lead some on some of the small scale projects in collaboration with successful academics and support my colleagues in others.

In addition to these tasks, I was also heavily involved in the implementation of the School’s teaching and learning spaces strategy. I worked with colleagues from LTI as well as many other stakeholders in the design and (re)development of spaces (classrooms and informal learning spaces) and lead on the evaluation of their impact on teaching and learning, managing two research assistants who collected and analyse data, and co-writing up evaluation reports with my senior colleague.

I recently started working at City, University of London as an Educational Technologist in the LEad team, which represents a move up for me. As I only started very recently it is difficult to summarise my role and tasks but one aspect to highlight is that I took this post in the context of a reorganisation of the team to refocus their mission around pedagogical projects (pedagogy first, technology second). So far my responsibilities have involved disseminating good practice with educational technology, supporting new projects coming from teachers for the new academic year,  proposing potential cross-University projects and reviewing and redesigning the CPD offer for the two Schools I support along with colleagues from my School liaison team.

Why am I completing the CMALT accreditation?

This seems like the obvious next step to me. So far I have built my career as a learning technologist mostly on my experience and the skills and knowledge that I developed as a result. Building a CMALT portfolio will allow me to reflect on as well as formalise this experience. Although my MA in Education was focused on blended learning, at the time this mainly meant working on Virtual Learning Environments, and we did not get to explore in much details other educational technologies and underpinning pedagogical approaches. I believe that CMALT will bridge that gap in my knowledge and experience.

How does it relate to my future career aspirations?

I see ALT as a reference when it comes to everything learning technology. Attending the annual conference and other events as well as networking with ALT members throughout the UK and in my local group have definitely helped me develop professionally. Building my portfolio will prove a very beneficial CPD exercise.

On a more practical level, it seems to me that CMALT has become, along with fellowship from the HEA, the most desirable qualification when applying for a job in learning technology!